What Is This?

The state of discourse on the internet today sucks. People are talking, but they're not talking to people who are much different than they are. We're closed off. Among our own. The Huffington Post is a dumb website. So is FOX News. Stop linking to them. They make you stupid.

Basically I can't deal with the amount of disinformation on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and the like. And engaging on those platforms can be tricky, because people have lost all sense of how to talk online when they don't agree. Comments and 140 characters are not engagement. They have the appearance of engagement, without any of the rational forethought.

This is blog where I can engage, without using tweets, comments, likes, and reblogs. This is a blog (hopefully) grounded in science, math, history, theology, philosophy, and probably a few stupid jokes. It might get snarky. It might not. I have absolutely no idea.

It will NOT have comments.

You deserve more than that. One of my absolute favorite blogs, FJM, only had comments that were left by the guys who wrote for the blog. And it worked.

Feel free to email me though. (jonathankeithrice at gmail dot com) I'll address the best emails either in the comments section, or in a brand new post. As you do.

This won't be fancy. But it ought to be fun. Question mark?

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